Welcome to ROLLHILL!

A physics based racing game where you don't drive a car, nor a bike, but a single wheel! Actually, drive would be an overstatement, because it has no brakes, nor gas, just gravity and balance!

A freeroll down the montain... the ultimate downhill!

Your key to success is stabilizing the wheel while maintaining a trajectory to stay on track. Sounds easy at first, but takes some time to master!

Now, have you got what it takes to be the ROLLHILL champion?


Current release brings 5 levels of varying difficulties and dynamics where you can learn the basics and eventually compete to set best times!

If you think you have got a record time, screenshot-share your run score in comments below!

Yeah, we know that's a ghetto system, please bear with us, while we're working on the competition layer in-game.

While alpha, this is a fully playable game showcasing the core mechanics, but in our minds, it's far from being complete. We launched now to start gather feedback and hear your opinion!


  - LEFT / RIGHT arrows to BALANCE
  - DESKTOP: Use launchers Input tab to rebind controls

  - TAP & HOLD .. LEFT / RIGHT sides of the screen to BALANCE
  - Use TOP RIGHT  buttons to PAUSE / QUICK RESTART accordingly


  - Competitive layer in-game
  - Difficulty and physics tweaks
  - More design details, ambience sounds, gameplay sounds
  - More levels & locations
  - Your feedback

Read more about our vision in the road to BETA devlog


Make sure you add ROLLHILL to your collection to be one of the first to receive updates! You are also welcomed to follow our teams profile!

Please do report of any bugs, suggestions or any other feedback you might have in the comments section!


We are currently two people working on ROLLHILL:
  - Imants Bērziņš (@elvensight): LEVELS & PHYSICS
  - Toms Seisums (@tomsseisums): SCRIPTING & UI & SOUND

Both of us share duties of any other tasks.

Read more on the inception of ROLLHILL in our devlog


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RollHill Alpha 1 (Android) 37 MB
RollHill Alpha 1 (Windows) 29 MB
RollHill Alpha 1 (MacOS) 47 MB
RollHill Alpha 1 (Linux) 31 MB

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Feels fairly difficult to me. I think I can never pass the damn bridge in Rockpath!

Anyway, great game. The physics seems very realistic. The idea is awesome - if all you can do is slight left and right steering and everything else is controlled by the gravity and the initial impulse, what is your chance to reach the end? That's what snowboarders do, I guess.

wait people still play this is 2020 wow this means this game is not dead yet...

Yes. :>



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Cool review, thanks! I felt that if 'Forest' would be a tad nastier, then at least your video wouldn't be kid friendly anymore. :D


Awesome concept! Needs bluegrass music and a highway level

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Cool to hear!
How would you rate the difficulty of the game and did you finish on all 5 of available levels?


I did! I would rate the first three levels as easy, and the last two (snowtop, forest) as somewhat challenging. If any more levels were to be added, I think they could be much harder.  It looks like you designed a lot of these levels to make it impossible for the player to "cheat", but I see that as an invitation to find my own shortcuts.

It's such a satisfying physics engine; you've got something really cool here!

(1 edit) (+1)

It's actually how I play the game myself. I still find new and crazy shortcuts in Forest from time to time, despite that I myself made those levels. I blocked out some game-breaking shortcuts or made them harder or useless, but overall it's kind of welcomed to try and break and shave off seconds. 

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Until we implement in-game leaderboards which are high on the feature list, let's do it ghetto style!

Post your FIRSTSLOPE record times either as finish screenshots or full run videos as a reply to this comment.


Can't seem to break 17" with this one...

Post your ELEVATION record times either as finish screenshots or full run videos as a reply to this comment.


29.23s.. without cutting too much corners 27.xx should be possible.

Ha! 27.95s

Post your SNOWTOP record times either as finish screenshots or full run videos as a reply to this comment.


34.11 seconds!


33.95 seconds 😀

Not bad, not bad..

Post your ROCKPATH record times either as finish screenshots or full run videos as a reply to this comment.

(2 edits) (+1)

40.69s - while sleeping on keyboard.. I guess 37..38.. maaaaybe under 35 should be possible.


Post your FOREST record times either as finish screenshots or full run videos as a reply to this comment.


Sub 60 seconds for the first time! Great game!