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what language is this written in?

Hi, it's Unity game engine, the engine itself I think is mainly C++. "Game" is scripted in C#.  Graphics is ProBuilder, now built-in Unity. 

Sounds are so bad makes it unplayable also not much too do!

And you are quite right, I'll ping you when there's something new. How's car control btw? 

Car control seems solid on my xbox one controller

Thanks, that's cool, for now it's really the main (only) thing.

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Some year ago I did some more experimenting, damn I am lazy, I know.

It was mainly for fun and in hopes that maybe I get some inspiration to add some reasonable SFX, time control, better camera or smth.

Hi, the car controller is great. Did you develop it yourself? If so, how about selling it on the Unity asset store. I would buy it.

Hi there, sorry for late replay.  No, it's tweaked and hacked Unity's Car Controller Standard asset, dunno if that's something sell-able.

please add support for mac too please (my secondary computer)

Awesome! thanks for controller support too

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed this, err.. demo. I will work on controller support more. For now it's Unitys defaults.
What controller/profiler/schemes did you use?

I use a afterglow Xbox 360 USB controller which uses the left controll stic

Very nice start!

Thanks for a word(view?) out and good luck with your gameplay/review channel.

BTW - in case some of you wonder.

00:01:17 - Start to arc (uphill)
00:01:06 - Arc to Start (downhill)
00:02:08 - Full Run without stopping, with arc-drop at the top.

As there's no timing in-game, I used ancient methods - chronometer in my phone.

Really nice ! I wonder what you are using to build the tracks, can you describe your workflow ? Thanks !


Hi, thanks!

Sure, I'm using ProBuilder straight in Unity's editor for 'terrain' and 'props', it's a great tool for quick iteration. Actually, there isn't a lot of workflow there. I've cheated a little(?) - if you observe carefully, you'll notice, that there's only one turn with some slight variations that's tricky mirrored and aligned so that I can stack and angle them together (didn't do particularly good job on those geometry light leaks, though).

Delicius! Here my suggestions:

Increase car speed becouse brakes are useless;

Add hood view (not from bumper please!);

Add shadows contrast to better distinguish the different levels of the road;

Need a time challenge with checkpoints... and other cpu cars if you feel patient. :)

About minor changes, right gamepad stick to accel/brake and RT for handbrake (now is assigned to Y button).

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Brakes - I know - isn't that motto of nowadays - no brakes! Jokes aside - I dunno.. I will resort it somehow, for now the're, mm, broken - I myself use handbrake only, it's more manageable.

How does it plays/controls with analogs? I've played on keyboard only.

Thanks again, noted.

Ehehe, hanbrake will be dangerous if you will increase car speed! :)

Gamepad steering control is a bit too sensitive, I think should be decreased/cutted to half.

If you need more inspiration, take a try to this gem, it' an incredible 56k single file exe game:

..damn! it's < 100kb